Hebrew Crash Course

Hebrew Crash Course

Master conversational Hebrew in just 6 weeks!  Come together each Thursday for two fun hours of 6 consecutive weeks and learn how to speak Hebrew. Begins May 21st (and again offered in July). By the end of the 6 week Hebrew Crash Course you will have mastered conversational Hebrew! Click here to Register now! 

You will learn all sorts of Hebrew phrases, various idioms, different expressions and words in Hebrew. You will also learn how to say Hebrew greetings and learn key survival phrases in Hebrew! You will be chatting in Hebrew in just a few weeks! In our Hebrew Crash Course you will learn how to say things in Hebrew that’s used in everyday life conversations. The Hebrew phrases, idioms and expressions that you will learn in this  Six Week Hebrew Crash Course will come handy if you meet someone from Israel or travel abroad to Israel. Don’t wait for your next trip to Israel. Begin now. Register immediately for our fun and quick Hebrew Crash Course!  Register here: www.bjxcenter.com/hebrew

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Hebrew Crash Course September 18th 2017





Hebrew Crash Course
Official Hebrew Crash Course