Pesach 2018 with Brooklyn Jewish Xperience

Brooklyn Jewish Xperience presents

Pesach 2018 with Famous Meisner’s Gourmet  

at the Crown Plaza Stamford, Connecticut with Music Superstars! THIS PROGRAM IS SOLD OUT. TO REGISTER CALL 646-397-1544


*Less than 1 hour from Manhattan/Educational classes on Hashkofah and Chinuch

*Excellent educators/Rabbonim: Rabbi Yitzchok Fingerer & Rabbi Moshe Fingerer

*Inspiring davening and Learning Program/Strictest hashgocha (non gebrochts, cholov yisroel and strictly shmurah

*Fully stocked Beis Medrash/Ashkenaz and Sephard Minyanim

*Gorgeous hotel, beautiful rooms/Renowned caterer (The Famous Meisner’s Gourmet); 20 years Pesach experience

*Viennese table and Tantalizing Tea Room/Indoor separate swimming

*Full fitness center/Jewish Music Superstars

*Nightly Chol HaMoed entertainment programs/Babysitting for infants, Exemplary Nursery Program

*Exciting Day Camp Program by Avi Devor.


All of Pesach (10 days, 9 nights):                              $2,599 p/p

First Days of Pesach:                                                                                     $1,299 p/p

Shabbos Chol HaMoed:                                                                                $799 p/p

Last Days of Pesach:                                                                                      $999 p/p

Erev Pesach 1 night supper & breakfast:                                               $249 for couple

Balances must be paid in full in advance.

The above rates are based upon double occupancy and do not include an additional 24% for taxes and services. Minimum single room rate requires a 60% surcharge. Private Seder: $800.

Proceeds Support critical BJX Programs: BJX reaches out to secular Jews in Brooklyn and infuses them with a love for Judaism. BJX has a thriving Beis Medrash and additionally runs successful programs for young adults and teens from frum homes who are disconnected. Our two Kiruv centers have classes and programs every day, with a weekly grand Shabbaton. BJX gives unaffiliated Jews from all backgrounds the tools to build a Jewish life.

Offering the very best in educational programming and impeccable service.

To make Pesach reservations call the BJX office @ 646-397-1544

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