About Brooklyn Jewish Events

Brooklyn Jewish Xperience offers the most awesome Jewish events for YJPs and Jewish students. It’s about discovering the secrets that lie within the Jewish heritage passed down through generations. Expand your knowledge of Judaism while enjoying delightful discussions and yummy dinners!

We have networking events, socials, a Gala Purim Party, energetic and explanatory High Holiday Services, an Epic Hanukkah Event, Carlebach Shabbat services, Friday Shabbat dinners, Leadership Courses, Hebrew Learning and so much more for Jewish Students and YJPs. Join us and meet other Jews from Brooklyn and around New York.

Don’t miss this opportunity to savor sumptuous flavors, engage in meaningful conversations, and connect with like minded individuals who share a passion for both great food and spiritual growth. Each Brooklyn Jewish event promises to be a vibrant, meaningful and unique experience for Jewish students and YJPs from around New York. At BJX our motto is “Come hungry, leave inspired!”

The BJX mission is to educate and inspire Jews close to home and around the world. 

Our International Chanukah Project has re-kindled the light within thousands of Jews by the warmth of the Menorah and a Latke. Our global Tisha b’Av Film reaches over 40,000 viewers around the world. The BJX Crisis Helpline for parents struggling with their teens receives hundreds of phone calls a week for help. 

BJX makes Judaism and Jewish life accessible to Jews of all backgrounds and affiliations. BJX is a home away from home for college students and young professionals.  BJX is about ensuring a brighter Jewish future.

BJX is “Jewry’s hub for Judaism.”

BJX targets Jewish demographics that’s igniting the Jewish spark and connecting fellow Jews with their Jewish heritage:

Program for young Jewish professionals checkMark

Collegiate program checkMark

Public High School program checkMark

Vocational Program for TeenscheckMark

Talmudic Fellowship & Leadership Programs checkMark

Women’s Torah Cafe & Nationwide Videos of Inspiration checkMark

Global Helpline/ Worldwide Chanukah ProjectcheckMark

International Tisha b’Av FilmcheckMark