BJX makes Judaism and Jewish life accessible to Jews of all backgrounds and affiliations. BJX is a home away from home for less affiliated college students and young professionals. We offer daily classes, stimulating social programs and networking events. Our centers provide a chic, yet warm and tolerant environment that makes everyone feel that they belong. Our dynamic faculty offers a range of innovative courses, such as the Crash Course in Conversational Hebrew and one -on -one tutorials to appeal to everyone’s interest. Holidays and Shabbat at BJX are unparalleled. BJX is about ensuring a brighter Jewish future.

The BJX mission is to educate and inspire Jews all over Brooklyn. Our goal is to create a warm social environment for Jewish college students and young professionals to learn more about their heritage at their own pace.

The Kings Highway Educational Center has a chic ambiance, creating a warm and hip environment for secular and unaffiliated Jews, introducing our students to the Jewish tradition. This Center provides college students and young professionals with the tools to explore their heritage and build Jewish lives.

Our Vision for the Future: To date, the BJX has provided services to thousands of Jews in Brooklyn. Our goal is to open BJX Centers all over Brooklyn to provide a warm and open hub that will be accessible to any Jew 24/7.

BJX is “Brooklyn’s hub for Judaism.”

BJX targets Jewish demographics that’s igniting the Jewish spark and connecting fellow Jews with their Jewish heritage:

Program for young Jewish professionals checkMark

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Public High School program checkMark

Vocational Program for TeenscheckMark

Talmudic Fellowship & Leadership Programs checkMark

Women’s Torah Cafe & nationwide Videos of Inspiration checkMark