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Brooklyn Jewish FELLOWSHIPS

Jewish College students want to change the world. 

Do you have big, bold, creative ideas that get other people excited?

Are you great at talking to strangers and LOVE meeting new people?

Do you want to create new initiatives on campus to reach and build relationships with uninvolved students?

If you had unlimited resources, what new idea or initiative would you bring to the Brooklyn Jewish community? Who would it reach that we aren’t currently reaching? What value would it add to Jewish life?

The BJX Fellow is charged with building relationships with 60 uninvolved Jewish students on campus. Fellows strive to understand students’ interests, passions, and aspirations – and connect them to opportunities that they may find meaningful and engaging. Fellows are given a budget to plan initiatives that identify them as relevant and Jewish, enable them to meet uninvolved Jewish students and follow-up with them in an authentic, comfortable, and open way. Initiatives have the dual purpose of attracting uninvolved students and advancing Jewish values.

Apply now! Earn a stipend and receive a budget for your programs! Email us [email protected] with your answers/essay.


BJX offers access to a myriad of social action opportunities for the socially minded Jewish student and YJP. if giving back to your community is important than join on of BJX’s community services initiatives:

  • Volunteering in soup kitchens.

  • Facilitating blood drives and donating blood.

  • Visiting the sick.

  • Raising money for charity.

Mitzvah Day in Brooklyn, New York

BJX partners with service organizations throughout Brooklyn for Mitzvah Day, a Jewish-led day of social action. Students volunteer throughout Brooklyn, New York including serving meals at a soup kitchen, home repairs for community members, visiting the elderly and the sick at a local hospital and raising funds for a Brooklyn, New York based charity. This year BJX also hopes to have a special alumni project.


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