Pesach 2019 with Brooklyn Jewish Xperience

Brooklyn Jewish Xperience presents

Pesach 2019 with Famous Meisner’s Gourmet  

at the Crown Plaza Stamford, Connecticut with Music Superstars! TO REGISTER CALL 646-397-1544


*Less than 1 hour from Manhattan/Educational classes on Hashkofah and Chinuch

*Excellent educators/Rabbonim: Rabbi Yitzchok Fingerer & Rabbi Moshe Fingerer

*Inspiring davening and Learning Program/Strictest hashgocha (non gebrochts, cholov yisroel and strictly shmurah

*Fully stocked Beis Medrash/Ashkenaz and Sephard Minyanim

*Gorgeous hotel, beautiful rooms/Renowned caterer (The Famous Meisner’s Gourmet); 20 years Pesach experience

*Viennese table and Tantalizing Tea Room/Indoor separate swimming

*Full fitness center/Jewish Music Superstars

*Nightly Chol HaMoed entertainment programs/Babysitting for infants, Exemplary Nursery Program

*Exciting Day Camp Program by Avi Devor.


All of Pesach (10 days, 9 nights):                              $2,599 p/p

First Days of Pesach:                                                                                     $1,299 p/p

Shabbos Chol HaMoed:                                                                                $799 p/p

Last Days of Pesach:                                                                                      $999 p/p

Erev Pesach 1 night supper & breakfast:                                               $249 for couple

Balances must be paid in full in advance.

The above rates are based upon double occupancy and do not include an additional 24% for taxes and services. Minimum single room rate requires a 60% surcharge. Private Seder: $800.

Proceeds Support BJX Programs: BJX reaches out to secular Jews in Brooklyn and infuses them with a love for Judaism. BJX has a thriving Beis Medrash and additionally runs successful programs for young adults and teens from frum homes who are disconnected. Our two Kiruv centers have classes and programs every day, with a weekly grand Shabbaton. BJX gives unaffiliated Jews from all backgrounds the tools to build a Jewish life.

Offering the very best in educational programming and impeccable service.

To make Pesach reservations email [email protected] or call the BJX office @ 646-397-1544

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Pesach, Passover
Pesach 2019 with BJX at Meisner’s




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