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Who are YOU Inviting?

International Chanukah Project
International Chanukah Project
International Chanukah Project

BJX International Chanukah Project

#Light Up the Night

How did the International Chanukah Project get started? 

The Brooklyn Shabbos Project spearheaded by BJX was very successful. Over 1,100 Jews of all backgrounds united in celebration of Shabbos. “We wondered how we can maintain the incredible momentum of the Shabbos Project and provide an easy yet impactful way for Jews to share a Mitzvah with others without much time, preparation or the need to have sleepover guests”, explained Rabbi Moshe Fingerer, Menahel of Brooklyn Jewish Xperience.

Hence, the international Chanukah Project was born. It’s easy. Unlike a Shabbos invitation- meals, lodging and time off from work, aren’t required. This Chanukah, simply invite a fellow Jew into your home to join you at your Menorah, share a latke (or a doughnut); that’s it. Just share the light of Chanukah with another Jew. You can invite someone less affiliated, or someone who is living alone, a neighbor who needs some chizuk, or a struggling teenager.

Together, you and your guest will bask in the radiance of the Chanukah lights. You can sing a song, share a story, watch the flames, convey your gratitude, l’Hodos ul’Hallel. This Chanukah you will ignite the pintele yid, the small flame within another Jew. All that’s required is a phone call, text, or email.

Let your fellow Jew know how meaningful it will be for them to join you at your Menorah. This Chanukah, transform your hadlakos neiros into something impactful and memorable. Choose from any of the eight nights of Chankuah and invite over a less affiliated Jew or someone in need of Chizuk. You have over a week of opportunities to include another Jew in this meaningful and easy Mitzvah. Light up the night of Chanukah leshem ul’Sifares. Spread ahavas Yisroel. Bring another Jew into your home to share the light; Ha’Neros Halalu Kodesh heim.

“The kedusha of the neiros Chanukah coupled with your gracious invitation will b’ezras Hashem be a zechus for Klal Yisroel to speedily witness the brilliant neiros in the Beis HaMikdash”, said Rav Yitzchok Fingerer. This Chanukah, let’s all join together and truly light up the night. Corporate sponsorship is available to spread the light around the world. For ideas, tips and suggestions email the BJX office at [email protected].

The International Chanukah Project has the enthusiastic support and berachos of HaRav Shmuel Kaminetzky, shlita.


Share the Light, Spin the Dreidel, Eat a Latke!

Corporate sponsorship available call 646-397-1544 or email [email protected]